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Suris Sold

We have always recorded our sold Suris on our Alpacanation site, but thought it would be a good idea to show everyone the quality of Suris we've sold on this site, too!

                        Buttercup                                         Prince                                                    

Name:  Toni's Princess Buttercup - SOLD
ARI:  1105780
Color:  Multi - dark fawn and white
DOB:  06/13/2004
Sire:  Kiyu Peruvian Accoyo Dancer
Dam:  Toni's Peruvian Kiva

Fiber Stats:  Not tested

Salt River's Prince of Belmonte
White Knight's Pearl
Salt River's Teacup

Description:  Buttercup comes with great genetics, including Renzo and Juan, as well as CPeruvian Liviana, who is the dam to Accoyo Diamond River!  Besides her striking presence and fun pattern, she is conformationally correct and has a strong suri phenotype.  We are keeping her 2009 offspring, White Knight's Pearl, as the genetics are great, and we just sold a half interest in her 2010 offspring, Cafe au Lait - he is dynamite!  We have sold Buttercup to Alpacas of Greater Tennessee, but look for Cafe au Lait in the upcoming show season!


             Cecilia                                                        Salt River's Pretty Penny  Salt River's Early Edition  

Name:  Buggati's Peruvian Cecilia - SOLD!
ARI:  1301663
Color:  Maroon (registered medium brown)
DOB:  06/15/2005
Sire:  Buggati of PVA
Dam:  Bouldermont's Ebony

Fiber Stats: 
Density - 25; S/P - 10.3:1; Glands 1 of 4; Medullation - 80%; Micron spread - 6.0; 2009; MFD - 28; CV - 22.2

Salt River's Early Edition
Salt River's Pretty Penny
Salt River's Memphis Cool

Description:  We purchased Cecilia to take our breeding program to a new level and she has not disappointed! We have had three awesome crias out of Cecilia, we've sold the first - Salt River's Early Edition - we will keep the second - Pretty Penny - and while the third cria - Memphis Cool - is being sold as a fiber boy, he is still quite nice.  Cecilia is a rare mahogany color and has wonderful conformation. Her fleece was still 19 microns after her second shearing and she locked up on her third fleece. Her fiber has a wonderfully silky feeling and her genetics are top of the line - her sire is Buggati of PVA, one of the most outstanding males by Mahogony Prince, and her dam is Bouldermont's Ebony, a third generation true black out of Sergeant Major Jax! 

While not dense, her high S/P ratio and low micron spread gives her fiber a wonderfully soft feeling, even at 28 microns.  Cecilia did carry a micron average of 19 through 3 yrs of age, so we know if bred to a male with that trait, the offspring will offer amazing fiber!  We bred Cecilia to LCA Boots in the Fall of 2010 as we were so impressed with his first offspring and thought he could bring lock definition, luster, and density to Cecilia's offspring.

What we do with the fiber:  Cecilia's fiber falls into the Grade 4 category, so we will be spinning it into yarn for the weaving community to use for an outer garment project.

Name:  Salt River's Awesome Boy - SOLD!
ARI:  Not registered
Color:  White
DOB:  12/3/2009
Sire:  SBS Solstice
Dam:  HCLA Trixie

Description:  "Awbey" is a wonderful boy with extremely even locking from shoulder to hip.  He did not get the luster that we had hoped for, so we are placing him for sale as a fiber male.  If you are thinking of getting into the alpaca business, this is a great guy to start with to see what the "alpaca lifestyle" is all about!  If you are a fiber person, we expect Awbey to produce great fiber for you for years to come.  Both his sire and dam have retained low average micron counts (24 and 22, respectively) well into adulthood, and we think this is a critical element of what a fiber arts program will need.

Name:  Salt River's Memphis Cool - SOLD!
ARI:  Not registerd
Color:  Medium Fawn
DOB:  7/19/2010
Sire:  SHS Elvarez (aka "Elvis")
Dam:  Buggati's Peruvian Cecilia

Description: Memphis is a darling boy - great Suri head, wonderful conformation, amazing luster, and a soft, silky handle that will be great to spin.  He did not get the lock structure or density needed to become a herdsire, so we are placing him in the category of fiber male.  He will, however, be an awesome fiber producer - his sire has great uniformity of micron, and his dam has a good S/P ratio and low S/P micron spread.

Name: Hannah Gale - Sold!
ARI:  848621
Color:  Medium Brown
DOB:  06/30/2003
Sire:  DDF Peruvian MacGyver
Dam: NWA, Ltd. Helen

Fiber Stats:
  Not tested

2007 - Lillianna Mac of Suri Park
2008 - Salt River's Miley Ray
2009 - Salt River's Lola
2010 - Salt River's Brownie

Description:  Hannah's offspring have been absolutely lovely - high luster, extremely fine, and silky to the touch.  The only reason we have Hannah in the 'B' category is because she does have a huacaya two generations back.  Because of this, we would not recommend Hannah to a new buyer.  However, if you are a seasoned alpaca breeder, don't let that huacaya stand in your way - her offspring have been just beautiful.  Her second offspring Miley Ray, is a fleece champion, and is honestly our best female produced on the farm (check out Miley's skin biopsy results!) so is in our foundation herd for the time being.    

Hannah's fourth cria, a medium brown girl (4th girl in a row!) out of our herdsire, SBS Solstice, just took a halter championship at GMAF and the Reserve Championship in the SN All Suri Fleece Show in 2011!  She'll be going into our foundation lineup as well!  So don't miss out on this absolute steal of a deal!  At the new owner's request, Hannah has been re-bred to SBS Solstice, so look out for another wonderful offspring!

What we do with the fiber:  Hannah's fiber will be processed into roving as the primaries are a bit wide relative to her fine secondaries.


Name:  Salt River's Ginny - Sold!
Color:  Bay Black
DOB:  05/26/2011

Description:  Ginny is a big girl, conformationally correct, with a beautiful, "showy" head.  Her fiber is silky and lustrous and we think she is going to make a great breeding female!  Ginny got "snatched" up before she was even weaned and the new owner already has her first breeding lined up when she is ready!  Look for these offspring in the future.

Name: Matillda
ARI: 820158
Color: Light Brown
DOB: 07/14/2000

Fiber Stats:
Density - 19.5; S/P - 10:1; Glands 4 out of 4; Medullation - 100%; Micron spread - 11.1

Description: Tilly has produced a series of champion offspring with amazing fiber quality, so don't let these fiber stats fool you. And as a result, we've got her in the 'A' category. Tilly scored 4 out of 4 for luster on the skin biopsy results, and has an S/P ratio of 10:1. Tilly is a well conformed girl who scored quite well when conformationally classed. As we got a girl out of Tilly in Fall 2010, we are putting Tilly on the sales list - she is being bred to Accoyo Bronzen for a Fall 2012 delivery! Based on the champions that Tilly has produced, as well as her current breeding, we have placed Tilly in the 'A' category.

Price: $8,000

What we do with the fiber: Tilly's fiber is a bit coarse, but we are actually going to spin it into yarn for weaving. It will be available on our fiber page in the Fall.

Name: Columbia River's Snowberry
ARI: 172891
Color: White
DOB: 08/13/96

Description: Snowberry has produced multiple champion offspring. Each of her offspring have had a soft, silky handle with Mean Fiber Diameter (MFD) of less than 20 microns. Snowberry produces offspring with extremely independent locks, great uniformity across her blanket, and high uster. While Snowberry's primary fibers have widened with age, she still maintains secondary fibers with a MFD of 22. Retention of fine fiber is a critical part of our breeding program, and Snowberry fits right in with this profile. This girl will remain in our foundation herd until her "retirement".

Snowberry had a beautiful girl out of SBS Solstice in August of 2010, and given the time of year she had that cria, we decided to hold Snowberry open until Spring of 2011. We are going to breed her now to full accoyo Montoyo for a 2012 offspring. Given Snowberry's age, this will be her last breeding.

What we do with the fiber: Given her wide primaries and age, we will use her fiber for rug production.

Name: Salt River's Lisa Marie - Sold!
ARI: 31915083
Color: White
DOB: 6/15/10
Sire: SHS Elvarez (aka "Elvis)
Dam: Salt River's Bella Donna

Fiber Stats:
Too young for biopsy info but her histogram at one year of age was very respectable - MFD - 20.9; SD - 4.4; CV - 21.2%

Description: Lisa Marie is a really solid, well put together girl who already has her dam's instinct to care for the crias younger than herself. She is going to be a great production female. Her fiber is unbelievably silky - a feature she gets from both her sire and her dam. We have placed Lisa in the "C" category as we feel her density and luster could use improving. However, with fiber stats like she has, a breeding to any of our herdsires will certainly put her offspring into the A or B categories! If you are a new breeder looking to add some additional females to the herd, this girl will be great!

Price: $2,500

What we do with the fiber: Lisa's fiber falls into the Grade 2 category, and as such, will be spun into yarn.

Solstice at 18 mos.                             Solstice at 8 years old - still beautiful

Name: SBS Solstice SOLD!
ARI: 1068887
Color: White
DOB: 12/23/2003
Breeding Status: Proven
Sire: 6P Crown Royale
Dam: 6P Nastaza

Sale Price: $7000 for 1/2 ownership

Show Wins: Solstice was not shown in halter classes due to previous owner conflict. However, Solstice's fleece was entered in the Suri Network's All Suri Fleece Show - the largest in the country, and it garnered a blue ribbon!

Fiber Stats:
Density - 46.5; S/P - 9.6:1; Glands - 2 of 4; Micron spread - 6.4; Medullation - 60%; 2009 MFD - 24.2 microns; CV - 21.9

Description: Solstice is an outstanding combination of 2 outstanding parents--6P Accoyo Crown Royale (multi-award winning full accoyo import who is unrelated to any other accoyo lines in the U.S.) and 6P Nastaza, mother of Arizona Sage and SBS Buckeye (Arizona Sage was undefeated in the 2002/2003 show season with 7 Championships and SBS Buckeye took 8 1st place ribbons in the 2003/2004 show season!). Crown Royale's breedings are limited to only ten per year and only existing customers can purchase breedings. That makes Solstice's genetics even more special! To top it all off, Solstice's dam is dark fawn, and those color genetics are coming through - just look at his offspring: four out of his eight offspring have been colored, and he has even produced color from white! This confirms our belief that there is all kinds of color opportunity with this guy.

Solstice has produced many ribbon winners - his latest offspring, Salt River's Brownie, just took a championshiop at the 2011 GMAF show! We are placing Solstice on our sales list only because we have used him a fair amount in our herd, and anticipate using other herdsires with his offspring. Solstice has been the hallmark of our breeding program to date, and his offspring have always sold well, even in a difficult economy. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

What we do with the fiber: We always turn Solstice's fiber into roving - it is soft and lustrous, and Kaye Collins, spinner extrordinaire, has indicated it is some of the best she has worked with.
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