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Salt River Alpacas offers a wonderful line up of herdsires with sound conformation and wonderful fiber stats.  Below is a representative sample of our fine herdsire line up.  We encourage you to consider adding these genetics to your herd!

Name:  Ravada's Kuma
ARI:  30818163
Color:  Medium Fawn
DOB:  11/11/2006
Breeding Status:  Proven
Sire: JCH Blackmail
Dam:  La Lunna

Breeding Fee:  $1500

Show Wins:
1st & Champion - 2008 Buckeye Show
1st & Champion - 2008 MOPACA
1st Place - 2007 OABA
2nd Place - Northern IL Extravaganza
2nd Place - Indiana Alpaca Invitational

Fiber Stats:
Density - 70; S/P - 9.1/1; Glands - 3 of 4; Micron spread - 7.6; Medullation - 20%; 2009 MFD - 21; CV - 19.5

Description:  Kuma is truly a special guy - not only are his fiber stats amazing and his conformation solid, but his personality is just wonderful - laid back, easy breeder - just an all around nice Suri.  It should be no surprise that Kuma is so fabulous - with Baron Lafite genetics on his dam's side and Renzo genetics on his sire's side, you can only figure that this guy would be outstanding. Additionally, this genetic combination is one of a kind as Kuma's sire passed away at an early age as did Baron Lafite.

Based on the skin biopsy and histogram results, Kuma could be bred to any female - white or colored - for an upgrade to your herd.  Several of Kuma's offspring have taken blue ribbons and championships at shows (including Nationals), so whether you are into producing the best fiber herd or showing to win, Kuma is your guy!

Kuma is co-owned with Tim and Beth Sheets of Heritage Farm Alpacas in IN.

Name:  Bronze Mahogany
ARI:  31430234
Color:  Dark Fawn
DOB:  07/14/2008
Breeding Status:  Unproven
Sire:  El Pacacola
Dam:  ATV Elektra

Breeding Fee - $1500

Show wins:
1st & Champion - 2010 AOBA Nationals
1st Place - 2010 Futurity
2nd Place - 2010 Buckeye
1st & Reserve Champion - 2009 AOBA Nationals
1st & Reserve Champion - 2009 Alpaca Western Extravaganza
1st Place - 2009 Futurity
1st Place - Alpacapalooza

Fiber Stats:
Density - 75; S/P - 11:1; Glands - 3 of 4; Micron spread - 9.8; Medullation - 30%; 2010 MFD - 18.75

Description:  Bronze is not only a multi-award winning champion, he is just down right stunning! Long locks, organized to the skin and uniform in style from hip to shoulder. Amazing luster, amazing density, and every judge has commented that he is the finest in his class. His sire is El Pacacola, a Protocol son who won mutiple awards in halter competitions well after two years of age.  Additionally, El Pacacola is the grandson of Pperuvian Amador - sire to Pucara's Kahuna! Bronze's dam is ATV Elektra, out of Zeus Rose and carrying genetics from Mahogany Prince and Inca.

Bronze first cria hit the ground in Spring, 2010 and took a championship at Nationals.  Since then, several of his other offspring have gone on to take championships! We sold several breedings to this guy, and the farms are thrilled with what they've gotten.  So, we encourage you to try him out too!  Based on his fiber stats, Bronze should add luster, density, uniformity of lock, and fineness to your herd.  

Bronze is co-owned with Long Hollow Alpacas and Mt. Tabor Alpacas.


Name: Salt River's Firecracker
ARI:  31189408
Color:  White
DOB:  12/06/08
Breeding Status:  Proven
Sire:  SBS Solstice
Dam:  HCLA Trixie

Breeding Fee:  $1500

Show Wins:
 1st Place 2010 MIAS; 2nd place, 2010 Buckeye Show, 6th place (out of 12) 2010 AOA Nationals

Fiber Stats: Density - 83.16 follicles/sq MM; S/P ratio 12.2:1, glands 4 of 4, micron spread 7.6, MFD at 6 years was 20.6 microns 

Description: Firecracker is a stellar example of what our breeding program can produce.  One of the top five Suri males in the country for density, an extremely fine fleece well into adulthood and he has produced outstanding offspring, one after the next.  This male has taken our breeding program to a whole new level.


Name: 4Peruvian White Knight
ARI:  166593
Breeding Status: Proven, but now deceased
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

Fiber Stats:
Density - 53.25; S/P Ratio - 9.9:1; Glands - 4 of 4; Micron Spread - 8; Medulation - <30%; 2009 MFD - 20.0; CV - 24.4

Description:  We were so excited to have White Knight at our farm and truly believe he was the "find" of a lifetime, as he represents everything we are trying to build into our breeding program!

- Excellent conformation
- At 15 years of age, he still had a micron count of 20 (S/P ratio of 9.9:1 and primary fiber microns were 24.9, secondaries were 16.9!)
- He had unbelieveable luster. 
- He had good density.
- And to top all of that off, White Knight only had eleven offspring on the ground, with several of them part of the foundation herd of well known breeding programs such as Latah Creek (now Chelsea Farms), Kettle Hills Farm, and Weather'd T Ranch.

White Knight was purchased several years ago by Mystic Springs Ranch, but between promoting Cortez, Belmonte, and MacGyver's Armed and Dangerous, they didn't get to use this fellow, so his offspring count has remained low.

Sadly, White Knight died on March 14, 2009 due simply to complications with his older age. However, between Mystic Springs and us, we were able to secure four breedings to him in his last year. These last offspring were all born healthy in 2009 and all have proven to be phenominal. At Salt River Alpacas, we will be keeping his offspring in our foundation herd and believe they will truly add to the quality of our overall production.

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