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Foundation Herd

We have over 50 Suris in our herd - some for sale, but many considered foundation animals.  Below is only a sampling.  Our foundations girls typically fall into one of two following categories:  

The first is a group of animals that will just never leave the farm - either because of their phenominal track record in producing high quality offspring, or because their genetics are rare enough that we want to keep them in the herd permanently.  

The second is a group of animals that has top-notch fiber statistics and whose genetics we want to add to the foundation herd, so we are not offering them for sale at this time.  However, once we have gotten a high quality cria out of them - male or female, we move them to the sales page.  

We do not sell unproven animals. We make sure that all animals designated as breeders have a track record of producing healthy crias!

The girls listed below represent the ideals that we are striving for in our breeding program and should give you a good idea of where we are going and the high quality that we offer for sale. 


Name:  Salt River's Bronze Beauty ("BB")
ARI: 35314042
Color:  Fawn
DOB:  10/09/15
Herdsire: Bronze Mahogany
Dam:  Salt River's Pretty Penny

Fiber Stats: 
Density - 54; S/P 13:1; Micron spread - 9.1, MFD at 2 years of age - 22.8

Description:  BB is a girl out of our award winning herdsire, Bronze Mahagony, and one of the all around best on our farm.  In addition to her great fiber stats, BB was recently evaluated through the Suri Network's S.H.I.P. program for her conformation and received nearly all "5 out of 5s" for her excellent conformation.  BB's fiber has held its micron well below 26, which is one of the important factors we are selecting for in our herd.   

Name:  WTR SuriAdia
ARI:  32368666
Color:  White
DOB: 07/18/11
Sire:  ATV Zephyr
Dam:  WTR Silken SuriAnna II

Fiber Stats:  
Density - 59; S/P ratio of 10.5/1, Micron spread 4.  Her histogram stats at 3 years of age were as follows:  MFD 22.9, SD 4.4, CV 19.25. 

Description:  Adia was purchased as part of a herd retirement sale, and she has been a real find!  Her genetics go back out beloved herdsire White Knight and she is a wonderful representation of what he passed on.  Her S.H.I.P score for conformation was all "5 out of 5s".  She has given us some beautiful offspring and she will be with us for the long haul.  

                                                                             Fall 2012 cria - Salt River's Gorgeous George
Name:  Salt River's Miley Ray
ARI: 31167727
Color:  Medium Fawn
DOB: 06/27/08
Sire:  Cortez's Golden Goliath
Dam:  Hannah Gale 

Fiber Stats: 
Density - 75; S/P ratio - 14.4:1; Glands 4 of 4; Medullation - 80%; Micron spread - 5.8; MFD 23 (3 yrs)

Description:  Miley has stunningly beautiful luster, fineness, and that cool, slick handle that everyone strives for.  As Miley has matured, she has maintained an MFD below 26 microns, making her a "keeper" in our herd.  Miley sheared four lbs of blanket in 2010 with an MFD of 23 microns.  She was a 2010 Color Champion at the Suri Network Fleece Show - the largest Suri fleece show in the U.S. - and a ribbon winner at two large halter shows with classes each of 11.  Miley's skin biopsy results are unbelievably good! - top 2% of tested Suris in the U.S.  

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