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Salt River Alpacas is located in Paris, MO
, and situated on beautiful Mark Twain Lake.  The farm is located two hours from St. Louis, one hour from Columbia, and three hours from Kansas City.  We focus on raising Suri alpacas and have only a select group for sale at any one time.  We are a customer focused farm and work diligently with new farms to set up their operation, ensure that they start out with quality Suris, and provide information as it becomes available!

Salt River Alpacas takes a highly quantitative approach to breeding
 in order to ensure the highest probability of improving the next generation of Suris.  Our herd is periodically evaluated/classed by a third party for conformational adjustments that need to be made, and we utilize skin biopsy testing, histogram information, and EPDs to improve each generation of fleece.    . 

We do not base our breeding decisions on geographical ancestry, but rather, on the quantitative and qualitative information in front of us - we don't want to miss an exceptional animal because their sire or dam came from "the other side of the mountains"!!  And last, but definitely not least, we look for, and strive to produce, Suris that are able to hold their Micron Fiber Diameter below 28 microns well into adulthood. 

We believe strongly that the long-term future of this industry will depend on a robust market for Suri fiber.  As such, we are the proud owners of The North American Suri Company, which purchases fleece clips from all over the United States and makes markets for this little known fiber.  Our experience with  and understanding of the domestic Suri fiber market has led us to realize that the U.S. needs more Suris - the demand for Suri is growing and we need more fleece!!  As such, we have created a Grower Program that allows you to enjoy the benefits of Suri ownership without actually having to purchase any!  If you are not interested in breeding, but would like to have Suris on your farm, contact us to discuss further.  

For those individuals who are interested in breeding, we select a small number of animals each year for sale.  If you are someone who wants to start off at the top, contact us and we'll see what might be available!  

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